Saturday, October 2, 2010

Go UniFi!

kindly check your area coverage/ service availability HERE.

interested? email me your inquiries!

p/s: *The monthly download volume policy will not be implemented until further notice.

**WiFi Important Notes

  1. Broadband access speeds will differ when connecting to a Residential Gateway via wireless technology as compared with an Ethernet cable. This is primarily due to the nature of wireless technology.
  2. Broadband access speeds delivered via wireless technologies can be affected by various factors such as actual positioning of the Residential Gateway, interference from other electrical equipment in the vicinity, the thickness of internal walls, etc, just to name a few.
  3. Our Residential Gateway is only compatible with computers that are wireless enabled. If you do not have a wireless-enabled computer, you may be able to upgrade your computer by purchasing our wireless USB adaptor.
  4. Other wireless adaptors or devices might be compatible to our Residential Gateway, however we will not be able to provide the relevant support or guarantees that this might be the case.
  5. The Residential Gateway has been designed solely for use with the UniFi service and includes a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects only.

BLOCKBUSTER DEAL PROMO - ammendments and new deal.

New offering of Blockbuster Deals for 1Mbps and above; and No FREE Cordless Phone for 384kbps and 512kbps effective on 1st Sept 2010.

Kindly be informed that there are new offering for blockbuster deal package starting 1st of September 2010. Please refer below for the product details:

For package BBD 110(1Mb), 130(2Mb) & 140(4Mb) :
- With Streamyx Zone ID
- Zero Entry until Dec 2010 (Waive Installation Charges & Activation Fee)
- FREE call for TM fixed line to TM fixed line (F2F); 10 sen for TM fixed line to mobile (F2M)
- Free Cordless Phone
- Free WiFi Modem with 1 year warranty

For package BBD 60(384Kb) & 90(512Kb) :
- With Streamyx Zone ID
- Zero Entry until Dec 2010 (Waive Installation Charges & Activation Fee)
- NO call plan for 384kbps and 512kbps package.
- NO FREE Cordless Phone.
- Free WiFi Modem with 1 year warranty

Do contact me via email for inquiries and application sign up or simply click HERE!

Thank you!